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It is a skin science that deals with skin diseases, venereal diseases (sexually transmitted diseases), hair and nail diseases. In our hospital where diagnosis and treatment of allergic skin diseases are performed, Prick Test and Patch methods are also applied in order to find the causes of skin diseases such as eczema, contact eczema, and urticaria. A treatment plan is offered according to the results

Patch Test

It is a test used to determine if the reaction is allergic for patients who have developed a reaction to the substances contacted, and if so, which substance causes it.

When Patch Test is applied by our skin specialists, small red rash appear on the area if there is allergy. The Prick Test is an allergy test that is mainly used to detect causes such as house dusts, grass pollen, animal feathers that can lead to allergic rhinitis and asthma.

Solutions prepared from very small quantities of proteins of house dust mites, tree, flower cereal pollen, animal hair, and fungus, which are that are suspected to be allergic or have high potential for allergies, are applied to the inner face of the forearm or to the waist. Then the skin under the drops is slightly injured with a similar hard object. In the presence of allergy, within 30 minutes, where the allergen has been instilled, a slight reddening to a severity of allergic reaction occurs. The doctor measures the magnitude of these allergic reactions and determines if the patient is allergic and if so, which substances are causing the allergy.
In Our Dermatology Department Diagnosis and Treatment of Following Diseases Are Possible;

Fungal infections
Chemical Peeling
Hair loss
Nail Diseases and ingrown toenail
Drug Reactions
Insect sting
Skin cancer
Acne and skin blemish
All Allergy Tests


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